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Solar Farm Distributed Generation Market Drivers

Important Legislative Market Drivers:
  • Greenhouse Gas legislation that requires Utilities and Municipalities to reduce fossil fuel use.
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires utilities to produce 33% of their energy with renewable energy by 2020.
  • Distributed Generation-providing energy at the load. Not tied to transmission lines.
  • Feed in-tariffs. Pricing renewable energy to include certain avoided cost benefits and to encourage points 1-3 above. Re-MAT program now operational in Cal for <3MW systems.
  • Environmental. Air and water quality standards not met with non-renewable electrical generation fuels in new facilities.

RPS and Utilities California Energy Commission Recommendation
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Welcome to Solar Land Partners

Hundreds of new 1-20MW solar projects have been started in the past 24 months. Often potential investment or acquisition groups, and smaller developers need assistance with:

  • Project selection and Due Diligence for investment or acquisition
  • Utility interconnection agreements and project permitting tasks
  • System design along with production and financial modeling
  • Completion of development tasks

Ninety percent of these projects do not get to the finish line. Furthermore, the explosive new "Community Shared Energy" segment provides for large numbers of projects to be started for the next several years. This new effort requires the skills learned from developing smaller utility scale projects.

Solar Land Partners (SLP) is a professional services company made up of utility scale solar project developers, interconnection, real estate, permitting, solar system design engineering, finance and project due diligence analysis professionals formed to get land sites "shovel ready" for solar EPC construction. For investor groups, we can work with you to increase the IRR of your solar investment acquisitions. We also partner with developer groups to help them get their project to the finish line.

With our team of leading Solar investment professionals, Solar Land Partners provides the know-how to create a bankable solar project.

Solar Investment Due Diligence

John C., a well respected utility scale solar developer CEO says;

  • "The coming explosiion of Community Shared Energy Solar projects throughout the US would benefit from the experience of Solar Land Partners to make sure they are successfully designed and operated."

We Are Experts In:

  • Obtaining interconnection agreements with Utilities throughout the US
  • Modelling project financials to create a bankable project that can obtain the construction funding it requires
  • Determining how to best obtain a viable PPA with Utilities and Municipalities; understanding the details of programs in each state
  • Due Diligence for investment and project acquisition
  • Start to finish completion of the development phase for 1-20MW Utility Scale projects
Solar Farm Consulting